Download e-book for iPad: A Bundle of Christmas Babies by Lucy Monroe

By Lucy Monroe

ISBN-10: 1426810598

ISBN-13: 9781426810596

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Aristide frowned fiercely at her, his disbelief obvious. His attitude was far removed from that of the lover she had known for nearly three years. He had never once doubted her word before, not even when she told him she was pregnant with his baby. He could have accused her of seeing someone else while he was gone on his frequent and often extended business travels, but he hadn’t. He hadn’t even implied it was a possibility. He’d always treated her with respect, like she mattered. Maybe not as much as Kouros Industries, but more than an afterthought he couldn’t be bothered to see while he was in hospital.

Gritting her teeth at the scent of the other woman lingering around her, Eden reached out and touched his lips in a move he would have recognized as quite daring for her. If he’d been able to remember. ” Her voice was husky with a promise she hoped he would remember on an instinctual level. His eyes turned a familiar midnight-blue and his jaw went taut like it did when he was trying to hold back desire. She wasn’t unaffected either. Even this small touch sent electric jolts of remembered intimacy throughout her body.

And let’s face it…you didn’t exactly miss me. ” “Is that what Kassandra said? ” His silence said it all. ” “What other reason could there be for such selective amnesia? It only makes sense that I wanted to forget you. ” He didn’t sound entirely convinced, but the words were damaging all the same. “That’s a pretty big assumption,” she forced out between stiff lips, cold with the shock of his revelations. ” “Maybe you wanted to forget you had a wife at all,” she said, voicing her own private suspicion.

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