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Exercise 2 Look back to the texts and numbered sentences in Chapter 1, and the nouns in some of the phrases which represented 'participants' or 'circumstances'- words like milkman, road, pints, door's, dog, leg, shops, mum, street etc. Examine the phrases in which they occur, and see if you find any similarities between them, that is, look at the form of the phrases containing nouns. For example, the phrases the milkman, across the road, three pints, next door's dog etc. Do the same or similar words occur immediately before the nouns?

I say 'thank you' to the men who work at Brent. Exercise 7 Discuss the following definitions of sentence from older grammar books. (i) A sentence is a collection of words by which we say something about a thing. The word which stands for the thing about which we make the assertion is called the Subject of the sentence. The word by which we make the assertion about the thing is called the Predicate. (Alfred S. West, The Elements of English Grammar, 1893) (ii) A Sentence is a group or combination of words capable of expressing a judgment.

Milk' could mean 'I want some milk' or 'I've knocked my milk over' or 'I can see some milk' and so on, which are clauses. The development of a child's language is partly the development of its use of the grammar, learning to add inflections to, or to change the form of words, and combining words into phrases and clauses, and clauses into complex groupings. 11 How meaning and grammar are related To sum up so far: one participant actor- someone or something that acts- is essential for a process to take place, in circumstances of time, place or manner, as in the following clauses: Circumstances Process lived in a little town jumped out go was whistling singing the great big dog running at his heels (These and the following sentences from Ruth ManningSaunders, Folk and Fairy Tales, 1978) Once upon a time and on and with Actor a little tailor a great big dog they he The processes of living, jumping, going, whistling, singing and running involve only one participant, who is involved as the actor.

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