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By Katharine Kerr

ISBN-10: 0586211977

ISBN-13: 9780586211977

E-book seven of the distinguished Deverry sequence, an epic fable rooted in Celtic mythology that intricately interweaves human and elven historical past over numerous hundred years.

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After they’d unloaded the stock and let them roll, and Meer had prayed, they unpacked a scant dinner and settled down to eat. Although they still had a good amount of cheese, hard tack and jerky left, they’d used up half of their supplies, and Jahdo was beginning to worry about what they’d eat on the way home. Meer, of course, was convinced that the gods would provide for them when the time came. Jahdo had just finished his meal when he heard a strange sound, a rasping bird-call, up in the sky.

To blame me for letting his territories fall into disrepair. Let him build his own, if he wants them as badly as all that. ’ He walked to the riverbank and looked into the astral water, thick and silver, cooling rather than flowing between the clumps of water reeds and the rushes. ‘No matter what I do, this river remains. ’ ‘It might well, at that. Of course, there’s no reason for you to die with your domain. ’ She spoke casually, barely looking his way. ‘I’ve made my choice,’ he snapped. ’ His hurt that she would sound so indifferent to his death stabbed like a winter wind.

Rhodry’s laugh taught Jahdo the meaning of that old saw, that a sound could make your blood run cold. It was daft and furious, merry and murderous all at the same time, a high-pitched chortle that reminded him of ferrets in a rage. The rest of the men, however, seemed to take it for granted, as if they heard him laugh that way often. With a shake of his head, Yraen strode off to get the squad ready to ride. As Jahdo watched them, he wondered why the view had turned so hazy, wondered why he felt so trembly, all of a sudden.

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