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By Lesslie Newbigin

ISBN-10: 0664222293

ISBN-13: 9780664222291

Presently prior to he died in February 1998, Lesslie Newbigin recorded a sequence of 8 15-minute talks, pitched at a well-liked point and entitled "A stroll throughout the Bible". This quantity collects the 8 talks.

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Html[21/04/11 12:58:22 PM] next page > page_57 < previous page page_57 next page > Page 57 We have arrived at the point where Jesus has come into Galilee announcing that the kingdom of God has come. Most of Jesus' hearers thought it was quite clear: God is the rightful king of all the earth and all these rulersAssyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Romeare all usurpers. To say that the kingdom of God is at hand must mean that the Roman power is about to be thrown out and that Israel is going to be once again under the direct rule of God, who from Zion will rule all the nations.

The work is done. The prince of this world is cast out. And Jesus bows his head and gives up his spirit. This is the victory that overcomes the worldhow it is, and how it has been seen to be, will be the subject of our next chapter. html[21/04/11 12:58:30 PM] next page > page_69 < previous page page_69 next page > Page 69 So Jesus has been crucified, is dead and has been buried. To his contemporaries it must have seemed that this was just one more failed revolution, one more nail in the coffin of Jewish hopes for the kingdom of God.

To his contemporaries it must have seemed that this was just one more failed revolution, one more nail in the coffin of Jewish hopes for the kingdom of God. How has it happened that today, among all the world's faith communities, much the largest and still rapidly growing is that community which looks to the cross as the sign of victory? The one way in which it can be explained is the story told in the Bible itself, namely that on the third day the tomb in which Jesus had been laid was empty and that he was rallying his disciples and sending them out as his witnesses into all the world.

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