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By Robert Sheckley (Adapter) Jerry Prosser

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ISBN-13: 9780553564419

This time the people are taking the offensive! Stan Myakovsky is a once-famous scientist fallen on difficult instances. Now he dodges spaceship repo males and goals of the marketability of his cybernetic ant. Then a lady named Julie Lish walks into his lifestyles. She is gorgeous, mysterious, and completely amoral. She is usually expert within the arts of thievery and Oriental self-defense. what is extra, she has a plan so outrageous there should be one probability in one million to drag it off.Together Stan and Julie turn into the main not likely pair of pirates within the universe. With a hijacked spaceship and a group of hardcase misfits, they are trying to find the final word pot of gold on the finish of a bloody intergalactic rainbow: royal jelly from an alien hive. the single challenge is that the fortune lies at the universe's such a lot godforsaken planet. And when they get their fingers on it, the'll need to struggle their well beyond the extraterrestrial beings to get off the planet alive.

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Now, if you’ll just let me get past…” Big Ed stood in the middle of the corridor, blocking Badger’s way. ” Red Badger knew he was being challenged, knew that Big Ed had been waiting for this moment a long time, yet he also knew that Big Ed had picked him figuring he was the easiest guy on the Alpha list to intimidate. Badger already knew what he was going to do about it. He was known as Red Badger because of his shock of coarse red hair. He had the light, easily sunburned skin that went with red hair, and narrow blue-green eyes that blinked at you from behind sandy eyelashes.

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