Alli's Well in Wordishure by Mick McArt PDF

By Mick McArt

ISBN-10: 1622097408

ISBN-13: 9781622097401

Allison desires to shock the farmer's of Squintville with a new good. The useful little lady discovers greater than she ever suggestion attainable the deeper she digs.

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Alli asked the prairie dog, while watching him pour water for Preston. Thurston had a knack for finding water, and this made Alli hopeful that she was digging in the right place. “I was on my way to Floatdown River for a swim, and I felt drawn to come this way. ” Alli and Preston loved Floatdown River, it was where all their friends would go swimming, have a picnic, or just float down the river. Thurston, looking ready for a dip, was wearing a red swim cap and an unmatching yellowstriped swim suit.

They took Pumpkinbeans, Taterpeas, and even some Achoo Peppers; which, always made Allison sneeze. Alli, as her mother called her, asked for permission to stay behind today. The young girl enjoyed playing, or resting under the Psalm tree, so her mother agreed. During their breaks from helping out, her mother would sit under the tree and read to Alli from the Bible. Afterward, they would gather the buckets and walk back to the village well to refill them. Along the way, they would discuss what Alli had learned from the reading.

She thought it would ease her mother’s burdens and make it easier to refresh the farmers more often. Alli stood up, pulled her long blonde hair back into a pony tail, and picked up a shovel that the farmers had left behind. She put on her tattered pair of gardening gloves; which, matched her faded tan work dress. The dress was a bit worn, but perfect to wear for digging a well. “Even the patches have patches,” her father would laugh, commenting on its condition. Alli didn’t mind. She thought it was comfortable.

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